SBG – Question #1

In mentally preparing for this upcoming year, my brain (clearly a separate entity from myself, ala pilkington) keeps returning to a couple of sticking points regarding a transition to Standards Based Grading. Grades Go Down? Two issues: should they be able to go down? and how do you put that into practice without riot gear […]


Something cool out of microsoft? Very neat simple “programming game”. Like Scratch, but 3d and pretty. Its now available for PC (originally only xbox). Preview from slate Microsoft’s Kodu page

Devil’s Tuning Fork

Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but its a very cool student-made computer game whose premise is awesomely original.  Devil’s Tuning Fork is a first-person game where you have no “vision”.  The only way you can see is if you sound your tuning fork, and then you can “see” the sound waves as they bounce […]

Bricks (WCYDWT)

How many pallets of brick,do you need to make these, or this? I’ll try this problem out for the first day of class in Applied Math.  What extra information do they need?

Dynamic Geometry

Dynamic Geometry Software I have access to Geometer’s Sketchpad at school; its installed on a bunch of laptops and in a couple of computer labs.  Geogebra is a similar program but I do not have much experience with it. For the past 4 years I’ve done various “labs” with the Geometry students where they create […]

First 21st Century Project

So this year I’ve been given the privilege of trying out my teaching skillz in a new 21st century classroom in our building.  I’m still unsure about how deep of “trouble” I am with this classroom.  The classroom is being upgraded with smartboards (a normal and a small), 25 or so budget laptops, ideaPaint (whiteboard paint) on some […]