Two Classic Puzzlers from Cartalk

Puzzler 1: Every two-digit number can be represented as AB, where B is the ones digit and A is the tens digit. Right? So for example the number 43, A is 4 and B is 3. Imagine then that you took this two-digit number and you squared it, AB x AB, and when you did […]

Developing Math Intuition

Great post: Our initial exposure to an idea shapes our intuition. And our intuition impacts how much we enjoy a subject. What do I mean? Suppose we want to define a “cat”: Caveman definition: A furry animal with claws, teeth, a tail, 4 legs, that purrs when happy and hisses when angry. . . Evolutionary […]

Today is brought to you by the number 73

Here’s a great set of facts about the number 73 (a Chuck Norris Number, sidenote I might grow to like that show but I can’t stand the laugh track): The mirror of 73, the 21st prime number, 37, is the 12th prime number. The number 21 has factors 7 and 3. In binary, 73 is a palindrome […]

Two Great Puzzlers from Cartalk

1.  Cats, Dogs and Mice – Oh My! RAY: You’re given a hundred dollars and told to spend it all purchasing exactly a hundred animals at the pet store. Dogs cost $15. Cats cost a buck, and mice are 25 cents each. TOM: Let me get this straight. You have to spend exactly a hundred […]

SBG: One Small Success

This is a quick post describing one small reason (of many) of why I like SBG. The setup for the gradebook is as follows: each student gets 2 shots (in class) to quiz on each topic, the grade is out of 4.  They get one chance right after the end of the unit, and one […]


From Webmaths: Pretty cool website, a bit like Project Euler, but with more approachable difficulty level: Sample Problem: The leveling up system they have could be an excellent way to get students addicted to solving some novel math problems.  There are ways (I haven’t explored them) to set up an entire class of kids […]

Fun with Buckyball Magnets

Christmas gift from lovely wife. Found here, or here. Just playing so far, got some of these formations from the thinkgeek video. Great fun! update: 1/7/11 – 1 more 🙂 (buckyball-ish, pentagons surrounded by hexagons)

My Favorite Podcasts of 2010

After some of my favorite bloggers wrote posts talking about their favorite books of 2010, here and here, I’ve decided to do the same but with a twist.  I don’t end up reading more than 5 books a year, but I do listen to numerous podcasts while on the daily walks with the dog and […]