Khan Academy and SBG

@CmonMattTHINK put forth a comment on twitter a couple of mornings ago: Salman Khan TED-talks about classroom inversion: Very exciting, yes. But I must be the cranky old man and say.. SO much of this (and SBG) is about skill-mastery. If we let our students believe that math = skill-mastery, we’re doing them a […]

Toilet Paper Tubes and the Empire State Building #wcydwt

So I’m watching the idiot tube the other day and I saw a commercial by Scott Paper Company that claimed that if everyone in America used their tubeless toilet paper product, then we would save two Empire State buildings of toilet paper rolls every year. Two Empire State buildings of toilet paper tubes? Ok, here […]

The Cosmonaut: An Economic Experiment

So the guys who made the glif with much success, are now introducing another product on kickstarter. The Cosmonaut. Its a wide-grip capacitive stylus for tablets. The interesting thing is their pricing model. They are selling 3,000 of them, and they need to raise $50,000 to make that possible. But they are allowing the users […]

Two Great Graphing Tools

Here’s a quick post describing two pretty great graphing extensions for google chrome: And: To install the extensions, you need to have a relatively new version of chrome. Next go to the webstore and search for the right extension. Enjoy!

Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions.

Why do I support teacher unions? Because the quality of education is better. Yes it is. (note: I worked in a private boarding school for two years before moving to public schools). We want our students taught by teachers who focus on the students learning. Without unions, teachers also have to worry about the following […]

No Homework Grade! No Way!

In concert with the Standards Based Grading, I’ve also changed my homework policy. In the past I would check homework completion levels every day from every student. They would have a grade out of 4; 4 fully done, 2 half done or late, 0 not done. But in Geometry R this year, I haven’t been […]