Math Photo: Northern Irish Arch

I got the idea for this “Math Photo” series from Mr. Honner. I’ll post images of mathematical stuff from my archives from time to time. Why not? Here is an arch that I found near Cushendall, Northern Ireland, on my honeymoon. Is it parabolic? Or some other kind of arch?  

Möbius Transformations

From Boing boing and linked article: Abstraction lies at the heart of mathematics. It makes math powerful, but at the same time, it can make math hard to understand. Abstraction makes math simultaneously beautiful and austere, useful and esoteric. But a picture can tame the mad monster of abstraction, and sometimes, a video can do […]

Leaking Gasoline Puzzler

The Last Gasp of the Fiat “A car travels at a steady speed of 45 mph. Its fuel consumption is 30 miles to the gallon. It has a 15-gallon gas tank, which was full when the car started off. But at the very moment the car begins to move at 45 mph, the gas tank begins to leak […]