IB Thoughts?

So our school is looking into implementing the International Baccalaureate program at our school in addition (?) to our AP programs. I know little about IB, and I’m interested in your knowledge and opinions on the IB program. Lemme have it. Good stuff? Things to watch out for?

Fibonacci and Recursion

To introduce the fibonacci sequence using the recursive series to my Pre-Calc H class (although most of them know it), I came up with something on the fly that worked nicely. To set up the fibonacci sequence, I showed them a recursive program that calcuates the sequence in a very clear (but inefficient) way. This […]

Dr. Square

Much like the Collatz conjecture, the Dr. Square Puzzle (from the blog mathforlove) is an intriguing problem. With some playing around, we came up with what I think is an excellent (and solvable) puzzle. He dubbed it the Dr Square puzzle, because it involves one of the steps in taking the digital root (dr) and squaring numbers. Here’s how it goes. […]

Geogebra Dynamic Conics for PreCalc

For Precalc H, I created a series of dynamic Geogebra files, where the teacher or student uses sliders to control the center and the a (and b) values of the conic. The file calculates and graphs the appropriate conic, foci, directrices, etc. All the files can be downloaded here. Sample: Or you can go to […]

Puzzler : 20,000 Lights

From Car Talk. RAY: This puzzler is from my “ceiling light” series. Imagine, if you will, that you have a long, long corridor that stretches out as far as the eye can see. In that corridor, attached to the ceiling are lights that are operated with a pull cord. There are gazillions of them, as far […]