M&M’s Mega

"'M&M's Mega' To Have Three Times More Chocolate." Oh brother here we go again. http://t.co/zrBE5tZ3Al /cc @dandersod — Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) May 16, 2014 3x the Chocolate? What a great Calculus activity (hint: rotational volumes). Cross sections with an exacto: M&M M&M Mega What shape fits best? Click on image to get directly to the […]

Daily Desmos 3.0

Hello all, we’re looking to reinvigorate the Daily Desmos project and we’re looking for new contributors (and that means you!). We’re taking away the schedule and the numbering system so you can submit posts directly to DD whenever you’d like. You can still submit images via email, but we’re going to increase the number of […]

Feedback On My Feedback System

Careful SBG, the all seeing eye of pershauron is trained on you: http://t.co/S6QAJz1p86 c/o @mpershan — Dan Anderson (@dandersod) May 19, 2014 In response to the Dark Lord Pershauron, I’ve decided to see what feedback you all have for my current SBG setup (v 5.0). The course is Pre-Calculus honors. There are about 40ish standards […]

Money Duck

This is a crosspost from my 180 photo blog. Introduction If you haven’t read Dan Meyer’s take on the Money Duck, go ahead and read up. Here’s some classroom action: Act 1 I presented the Money Duck to my PreCalculus H classes. We were in the midst of probability and we were moving towards probability […]