How Big is that Pumpkin?

This is the second time I’ve done this lesson.  You can read up on the previous attempt here. Quick synopsis: There is a local contest to determine how much a large pumpkin weighs, the winner receives a year Family subscription to the YMCA (worth about $800).  This contest concludes on Halloween. Step 1: Find the […]

Knockoff Project: The Aftermath

The first project that we did in Applied math was called the Knockoff Project.  This was a brand new project meant to utilize the 21st century classroom and the Project Based Learning initiative that this class is now based on.  The drive behind the project was to design a “knockoff” phone that improved on the […]

Blah blah blah blah blah

Facts: ·         Humans average 2 words per second when speaking. ·         Humans average 60 minutes per day speaking. How many words will you speak in your (average) life of 75 years? (hint: break it down to smaller questions) This is the question that the Applied Math guys worked on yesterday. (I got the question from Number Freaking, […]

Track(ing) the tips

For the past two summers, I’ve worked at the oldest horsetrack in the country, Saratoga Racetrack. I work as a mutuel teller and my job has me selling and cashing bets. It’s an okay job, the pay is not high, but it’s quite flexible and it’s totally different from teaching and so the break is […]

Bricks (WCYDWT)

How many pallets of brick,do you need to make these, or this? I’ll try this problem out for the first day of class in Applied Math.  What extra information do they need?

First 21st Century Project

So this year I’ve been given the privilege of trying out my teaching skillz in a new 21st century classroom in our building.  I’m still unsure about how deep of “trouble” I am with this classroom.  The classroom is being upgraded with smartboards (a normal and a small), 25 or so budget laptops, ideaPaint (whiteboard paint) on some […]