Course Evaluation

So this summer I have some curriculum days to spend at school, and as a break from creating a “21st century” project for Applied Math, I’m going through the course evaluation that my Geometry kids took on the last day of class.  BTW, google forms totally rock for this.  You quickly put together a list […]

Robocode & Math

We’ve used a open-source tool called robocode.  Basically it is a game where you program robots in Java (or .Net). The robots battle in real-time and on-screen. It was a closing project (last 4 weeks) to our Intro to Programming class, and it was excellent. They really got into battling each other’s robots and creating […]

Standards Based Grading

Why change? The answer to this question for me stems from the idea that I don’t really care when the learning happens, only if the learning happens. Part of me also sees how sbg could encourage some bit of student responsibility in their learning. They would know that if they didn’t get the stuff for […] Auction Ripoff

My dad sent me a link to, an online auction site that allows you to buy items by bidding on them. Sounds familiar? The twist is that this site is a type of penny auction site where each bid costs money. A second catch is the auction has no set time limit. It has […]

Aarons (Rent to Buy)

I have the luxury of teaching a course called Consumer Math. This is a half-year course aimed at providing seniors with a 3rd or 4th math credit and I have free reign over content and pacing.  This freedom is great because I can follow any interesting topic that comes up and I’m pretty sure that […]

First Post (#WCIDWT)

What can I do with this?  This is the question that I seek to answer with this blog.  How can I improve?  How can I change for the good?  What changes will effect the students the most? I am a High School math teacher in upstate NY.  I currently teach Geometry (Regents), Algebra (Regents), Computer […]