Car Talk Puzzler (Dance Party)

I don’t know if you listen to Car Talk, but maybe you should give it a try.  Its a weekly radio show on NPR and podcasts are available.  Essentially it is a call-in show for car questions and the hosts, Tom and Ray (aka Click and Clack), are very funny and their answers are pretty good too.

Anyway, they have a weekly puzzler every week, and because they are former engineers from MIT, many of them are great math puzzlers.  I’ll try and link to the best math and logic puzzlers.  I love putting these up at the end of quizzes so the kids have something to think about that isn’t  too school-mathy.

Here is an oldie but goodie:

PUZZLER: The Perfect Square Dance! Sally invited 17 guests to a dance party. She assigned each guest a number from 2 to 18, keeping 1 for herself. The sum of each couple’s numbers was a perfect square. What was the number of Sally’s partner?


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