Three Slips of Paper – Car Talk Puzzler

Excellent probability (ish) puzzler from Car Talk: Three Slips of Paper RAY: This is from Norm Leyden from Franktown, Colorado. The date on it is 1974–I’m a little behind. Three different numbers are chosen at random, and one is written on each of three slips of paper. The slips are then placed face down on […]

“Skinny” Diet Pepsi Can WCYDWT

Diet Pepsi will soon be available in a “taller, sassier new Skinny Can” that the company says is a “celebration of beautiful, confident women.” (Article linked by @21stcenturychem and found here.) I’ll table the discussion on whether or not this can is “sassier”, but if the can is 6 inches tall, how wide must it […]

A Converse Tale

For the past 6 years I’ve been explaining converse (of the inverse, converse, and contrapositive fame) by saying that you can switch your Converse® shoes from left to right (although potentially uncomfortable), but you certainly cannot negate your Converse® shoes. Today a volunteer stepped up and she was willing to switch her left and right […]