No Homework Grade! No Way!

In concert with the Standards Based Grading, I’ve also changed my homework policy. In the past I would check homework completion levels every day from every student. They would have a grade out of 4; 4 fully done, 2 half done or late, 0 not done.
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But in Geometry R this year, I haven’t been counting homework as part of the grade. It’s been going rather nicely. I check and record their completion level every time I assign homework, but it never gets turned into a grade.


  • I think their grade more accurately gauges where they are in class.
  • Smart kids who “get it” right away aren’t being affected if they don’t do the practice on the stuff that they already know how to do.
  • Kids who struggle, aren’t being buoyed to a passing level just because they are putting a minimal effort towards the homework. They are now doing both;seeking help after school, AND doing their homework.
  • I don’t have to worry about kids copying other’s homework, the payoff isn’t worth it for them.
  • I post the answers on the website (nearly) every time I assign homework. I don’t really care if they copy the key.
  • So much time gained from not entering 90 grades a year for each student.


  • If I stop checking and marking, most of them stop doing the homework. It has to “feel” like a grade.
  • Rationally, many of them have a dilemma at home,”If I only have time for homework from one class tonight, then I’m going to do the one that is worth points.”
  • The completion rate hasn’t gone down, but it hasn’t gone up either.

To put a bit more pressure on them, I’ve starting putting their homework record on the webpage, so parents can check to see if their child has their homework done. I don’t have any stats about how many parents are using the homework chart to check up on their kids.

Have you found the same to be true with your classes? Have any of you eliminated homework altogether?

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