Wonderlic Test

Wonderlic Sample Test

If you’ve never heard of the Wonderlic, it’s an exam given to players entering the NFL draft every year.

The Wonderlic is an exam comprised of 50 questions. Players have 12 minutes to complete the test. The average score (out of 50) is a 21.

Vince Young made headlines last year when it was rumored that he scored a 6. As we all saw in 2006, the Wonderlic doesn’t mean much. St. Louis’ Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 50, and he’s nothing more than a backup quarterback.

Some sample scores of other players include: Drew Bledsoe – 37; Steve Young – 33; John Elway – 30; Dan Marino – 16; Deltha O’Neal – 15; Donovan McNabb -14.

Source: http://walterfootball.com/draftwonderlic.php

On that website, they provide 20 sample questions that should be completed in 5 minutes. Of the 20 questions, probably 15 are math related. Some straightforward questions. Some tricky questions. Your students may be interested in the draft and how their intellect compares to a college quarterback. So I put the questions (and the answers) in a google doc for easy printing. Enjoy. (I got 2 wrong, sigh.)

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