Twitter Graph Story #anyqs

  To no one surprise, [removed] was lowest on Monday afternoons and through Tuesday, the beginning of the work week, and rose later in the week, peaking on Saturday and Sunday. The pattern on weekend days was shifted about two hours later — the morning peak closer to 9 a.m. and the evening one past […]

Cartalk Puzzler: An Interesting Series of Numbers

A new cartalk puzzler is up. When my kids were in school, they, like all the other kids I guess, had to learn their numbers. So each day for homework, they would bring home a list of numbers on a piece of paper, and they were asked to write out the letters that spelled that […]

Drag Race #wcydwt

Act 1 What questions do you have? Act 2 Talk about why the highest horsepower might not be that fast (10,000 horsepower vehicle that you could beat with a Toyota Prius). Ask what other things are important for going fast. Is the lightest vehicle always the fastest (Would you want this 326 pound vehicle […]

1st Day for Intro to Programming: Lightbot

I forget who introduced the Light-bot game to me, but thank you. I got the link from Hélène Martin. Much thanks! First day went excellent in Introduction to Programming class. “We get to play a game?” Introduction to loops, functions (methods), and debugging all on the first day, without me saying a word? Yes please. Side-question: Are there were […]

Cartalk Puzzler: License Plate

Great puzzler from cartalk: Deep Tanning RAY: You’re driving past a high school parking lot on a fine spring afternoon in Our Fair City, watching the kids try to do wheelies with their parents’ station wagons. You happen to notice a car with an interesting license plate. It reads TAN 270. What make of car […]

Responses to NYT article on “How to Fix Our Math Education”

Original on How to Fix Our Math Education article is found here. Some great responses were mailed in. Sol Garfunkel and David Mumford are right to observe that the everyday usefulness of our high school math curriculum leaves much to be desired. But since when did practicality become the only goal of our educational system? […]


Lookit what @ddmeyer made me do. than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyKate Nowakk8nowak     Great stuff. Kate got the idea from the blogfather – Dan Meyer. So I got inspired: