Cartalk Puzzler – Stone Temple Farmers

From Cartalk. Stone Temple Farmers RAY: A farmer had a 40-pound stone that he could use to weight 40 pounds of feed, hay, or whatever else he wanted to sell from his farm. He had a balance scale, and he put the stone on one side and piled the other side with feed or hay, […]

Domino Spiral

Found by Timon Piccini: Any questions? Well of course there are. He sets up the 3-act #wcydwt structure here. Check it out. Great stuff.

Obfusticated Mandelbrot Set

Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while: High Resolution Mandelbrot code in Python. The following Python script, on the other hand, begins as ASCII art: It renders the Mandelbrot set as a full-color, anti-aliased, 1500×1000 image. Fantastic. Notice that the code also looks likes the mandelbrot set. A true accomplishment with python being so fussy […]

Little Gauss and the Dividing Time Puzzler

I gave this problem to the Precalc Honors class, right before their lunch (the block is split into two parts). A couple of them came back with the solution, but most had chosen to eat and socialize (how dare they!). An epiphany hit me when I saw how a student had started to solve the problem. […]

Cartalk Puzzler – Dividing Time

From Cartalk. Dividing Time RAY: Draw a clock face on a piece of paper. Using Arabic numerals put the appropriate numbers at 12, 1, 2, 3 and so on. Now, somewhere on the clock face, draft two lines. In doing so, you’re going to divide the clock face into segments, which contain numbers. TOM: Do […]