Follow-up to 25 billion apps

Follow-up to 25 billion apps. Our class calculated that the app store would hit 25 billion on Friday at 11pm eastern. The contest is over, but the press release didn’t say when it finished.

The 25 billionth app downloaded, Where’s My Water? Free, was downloaded by Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China. As the winner of the App Store Countdown to 25 Billion Apps, Chunli Fu will receive a $10,000 iTunes® Gift Card.

So I emailed Apple PR with little hope of actually getting a response.

An hour later I get the following from Ted Miller from Apple PR:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out. That sounds like a fun idea for the class!

We officially reached the milestone around 10:50pm PST Friday night.


Ted Miller
Apple PR

Sent from my iPad

So we were off by 3 or so hours, but my tough group of students were really engaged.

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