Bret Victor’s Learnable Programming

Bret Victor (Inventing on Principle) wrote an excellent essay on Learnable Programming. If you have any interest in how people learn computer programming best, or how people learn in general, then go read it. Now. Shoo. And you probably want to read it on a computer; there are several short videos to accompany the text. This essay […]

Batting Averages Puzzler

From the soon to be retiring Car Talk radio show, a fantastic new baseball puzzler. RAY: As you might guess, I’m a baseball fan. And now that the season is in its waning days, I thought I’d use this baseball Puzzler I’ve been saving. There are two rookie players, Bluto and Popeye, who started the […]

iPads save Jetfuel

From paritynews: American Airlines has announced that it has received the permission from FAA to allow its pilots to carry and use iPads in the cockpit during “all phases of flight.” According to the airlines, the tablet will enable pilots to store documentation in electronic form on the iPad which otherwise weighs 15.875 kg (35 […]

180 Days – Classroom Photoblog

So I’ve joined the ranks of the 180 day classroom photo-blog (ugh, hate that word) in hopes of keeping up on reflection in this very busy year. And here’s a Google Reader bundle of a whole bunch of 180 blogs compiled by Frank Noschese. Cheers.