Daily Desmos: Call for Action

Surprisingly (to me) I haven’t talked about the Daily Desmos project on this internetsblog. Daily Desmos is a project that I’ve been involved with since March. It has daily graphing challenges that you can use the desmos graphing utility to solve. For instance: What (polar) inequality created this graph? (Created by the wonderful Sam Shah. […]

Final Oreo Post

Part 1 and Part 2. There have been a couple of questions regarding the validity of my measuring process. The one that irked me the most was the fact that I had never measured the weight of the wafers of the Double Stuf. Was it possible that the wafers for the Oreo and Double Stuf […]

Oreo Verification

So things have gone a bit crazy lately. While on summer vacation, this happened: All for a blog post that I wrote in February. (My previous high for views in one day was 299.) In the original post where my class suggests that the Double Stuf Oreo is only 1.86x stuffed, the data set is […]