Fun Little Calculus Gif

Yet another cool image from the Visualizing Math Blog.   I was wondering if I could recreate this graph in Desmos. Here’s what I was able to make. It was difficult to find a way to keep the tangent line the same length, although I bet a parametric form of the line would work better than […]

TED: Adam Spencer – Monster Prime Numbers

Take 17 minutes out of your day and watch Adam Spencer talk about the largest known prime (found in January of 2013). Amazingly engaging. They’re millions of digits long, and it takes an army of mathematicians and machines to hunt them down — what’s not to love about monster primes? Adam Spencer, comedian and […]

Monday Morning Math

Awesome cat photo from misadventures in HR. If a cat could fill out a bubble sheet, and left parts II, III, and IV blank (assumption: cats can’t write in english) then the following is based on the 2013 June Regents scoring scale: 1 in 36,000 cats would pass the Integrated Algebra Regents (15 out of […]

Fermat Was Wrong? Puzzler

From Car Talk. RAY: Here it is. Everyone, almost everyone remembers from his or her days in school the Pythagorean Theorem. TOM: Yes. RAY: A squared, plus B squared, equals C squared. And there are numbers like three, four and five; five, 12, 13 which satisfy that little equation. And many hundreds of years ago […]

Did the NSA make a major math breakthrough?

From The Daily Dot: To date, there is no known shortcut to quickly factor large integers into primes. It has never been proven that no such shortcut exists. We’ve just never found one. If the unfactorable nature of these large integers doesn’t interest you, consider that it has been the reason many of your most personal messages […]