This is an update to my previous PAEMST post.

In the middle of October I took a trip with my wife to DC and participated in the PAEMST (Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching) awards conference for three days. It was a great trip, the 7-12 awardees from 2017 and the K-6 awardees from 2018 were combined into one conference, so with one math and one science from each year and the fifty states plus US territories and the USDoD schools, there were about 210 fantastic teachers involved. Way too much to write up in a blog post, but it was an amazing experience.

The four NY PAEMST awardees. From L to R: your humble narrator (7-12 math), Elizabeth Guzzetta (7-12 science), Marianne Strayton (K-6 math), and Anneliese Bopp (K-6 science).
7-12 Awardees
K-6 and 7-12 awardees
Of course, I couldn’t help but do some math on some really pretty hyperbolas from the lights in the Washington Hilton.

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