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  1. Hi,

    I recently came across your blog via Dan Meyer’s website or Google Reader and have loved catching up on your blog. I recently started my own blog and would love to join a community of math educators who share ideas to better improve student learning and increase my professional development. I would be honored if you had a few minutes to check it out and offer any constructive feedback. Thanks!

  2. princeyanni says:

    Interested in knowing more about your Oreo study. I see a flaw that may or may not exist but in order to truly prove the “stuf” you need to weigh just the stuff- are the cookie portions the same in both regular and “double stuf”?

  3. @princeyanni:
    In the third post of the Oreo series, Dan manages to indirectly weigh the “Stuf” (by weighing the cookies):

    (…) 23 Double Stuf (DS) wafers weigh 100g, so each wafer weighs about 4.35 g.
    The average Original Oreo wafer weighs about 4.04 g.
    The average Double Stuf Oreo weighs 14.67g.
    The Double Stuf creme weighs 14.67 – 2(4.35) = 5.97 g.
    DS creme / Oreo creme = 5.97 / 3.48 = 1.7 stuf.

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