Madeup and Calculus

The madeup language for creating 3d models came out a week ago for the kickstarter backers. There is more information about the computer programming language found at the kickstarter page. It’s been a lot of fun to play with but looking at it through the lens of being able to create calculus 3d solids has been […]

Using the arctan Power Series to Calculate Pi

(Note: this post is an extension on the calculating pi with python post from a couple of years back. Also here’s another way to inefficiently calculate pi with Buffon’s Needles.) We’re currently working with Power series and Taylor series in Calculus. One particularity pretty derivation is going from the series for to the series for […]

M&M’s Mega

"'M&M's Mega' To Have Three Times More Chocolate." Oh brother here we go again. /cc @dandersod — Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer) May 16, 2014 3x the Chocolate? What a great Calculus activity (hint: rotational volumes). Cross sections with an exacto: M&M M&M Mega What shape fits best? Click on image to get directly to the […]

Power Series on Desmos

This is a crosspost from my Photo 180 blog. Power Series work in AP Calculus BC. Process: Since it’s a infinite series, look at partial sums to get an idea what this graph looks like. So look at … Perfect time to use technology. Texas Instruments Method Go to y1. Enter in . Graph. Wait […]

Fun Little Calculus Gif

Yet another cool image from the Visualizing Math Blog.   I was wondering if I could recreate this graph in Desmos. Here’s what I was able to make. It was difficult to find a way to keep the tangent line the same length, although I bet a parametric form of the line would work better than […]

Complex Numbers and Calculus

If your computer can handle it, the things going on in this webpage are _amazing_: — Daniel Schneider (@MathyMcMatherso) January 6, 2013 Astonishing work to put this webpage together.