Learn to Code through Math #learntocodethroughmath

The #learntocodethroughmath project is something that I created sort of by accident. I see the audience for this project as someone who is somewhat comfortable with using Desmos to create math-artsy stuff with lists, functions, and parametric functions and is interested in learning how to code using Processing. So yea, pretty narrow. But hopefully fruitful […]

Daily Desmos 3.0

Hello all, we’re looking to reinvigorate the Daily Desmos project and we’re looking for new contributors (and that means you!). We’re taking away the schedule and the numbering system so you can submit posts directly to DD whenever you’d like. You can still submit images via email, but we’re going to increase the number of […]

Power Series on Desmos

This is a crosspost from my Photo 180 blog. Power Series work in AP Calculus BC. Process: Since it’s a infinite series, look at partial sums to get an idea what this graph looks like. So look at … Perfect time to use technology. Texas Instruments Method Go to y1. Enter in . Graph. Wait […]

Daily Desmos: Call for Action

Surprisingly (to me) I haven’t talked about the Daily Desmos project on this internetsblog. Daily Desmos is a project that I’ve been involved with since March. It has daily graphing challenges that you can use the desmos graphing utility to solve. For instance: What (polar) inequality created this graph? (Created by the wonderful Sam Shah. […]