The Mandelbrot Set Viewed through Precalculus

I’ve given this presentation in November 2014 at AMTNYS in Syracuse, and in April 2015 at NCTM in Boston. I’ll be giving the presentation in May 2015 at the NY Master Teacher Conference, and in July 2015 at Twitter Math Camp in Claremont CA.  Drive Why use the Mandelbrot fractal to get the students to […]

Super Ball

From Wikipedia’s entry on Super Balls. Wham-O Executive Vice-president Richard P. Kerr said, “Each Super Ball bounce is 92% as high as the last. Will it ever stop bouncing? Geometric sequences and series anybody? edit: Amazon review of a superball: What’s the bounce return rate?

Fibonacci and Recursion

To introduce the fibonacci sequence using the recursive series to my Pre-Calc H class (although most of them know it), I came up with something on the fly that worked nicely. To set up the fibonacci sequence, I showed them a recursive program that calcuates the sequence in a very clear (but inefficient) way. This […]

Geogebra Dynamic Conics for PreCalc

For Precalc H, I created a series of dynamic Geogebra files, where the teacher or student uses sliders to control the center and the a (and b) values of the conic. The file calculates and graphs the appropriate conic, foci, directrices, etc. All the files can be downloaded here. Sample: Or you can go to […]