Feedback On My Feedback System

Careful SBG, the all seeing eye of pershauron is trained on you: c/o @mpershan — Dan Anderson (@dandersod) May 19, 2014 In response to the Dark Lord Pershauron, I’ve decided to see what feedback you all have for my current SBG setup (v 5.0). The course is Pre-Calculus honors. There are about 40ish standards […]

Changes to Intro to Computer Programming

This will be my third year teaching Introduction to Computer Programming. The first year I had 15 students which was a good showing, but last year I only had 5 students. It turned out to be a scheduling issue, but I was still worried about the health of the course, and whether or not it […]

SBG: Please Help – A Question

“Math class is tough.” Barbie (1992) How can I use SBG to challenge the top learners? So after weeping quietly into my cereal while looking at the Geometry Regents results at the end of this year (just kidding, I don’t eat cereal, it was my toast), I noticed that I didn’t have as many “mastery” […]

SBG: A Small Tweak and a Feedback Inequality

The grading system in Geometry this year was described to the students with the following description: The final concept grade will be out of a grade of 8.  The best you can do on the first quiz is a 4 out of 8 (50%).  Every concept will quizzed at least twice.  If the second grade […]

Geometry SBG Concept list

To copy Ms. Nowizee from last year, I want to share my Geometry Concept List. This was the first year of Standards Based Grading in Geometry, and before seeing the end of the year results, I’d give it a B (more to follow). The hard part was designing the list so that each concept was not […]

Link: SBG… Why?

Great post from Terie Engelbrecht: 1) I do it so students can focus on learning, not points or effort. 2) I do it for students who take longer to make their own meaning; those same students that often get plowed under in the points-chasing game school often is. 3) I do it for students who may be considered […]

Khan Academy and SBG

@CmonMattTHINK put forth a comment on twitter a couple of mornings ago: Salman Khan TED-talks about classroom inversion: Very exciting, yes. But I must be the cranky old man and say.. SO much of this (and SBG) is about skill-mastery. If we let our students believe that math = skill-mastery, we’re doing them a […]

No Homework Grade! No Way!

In concert with the Standards Based Grading, I’ve also changed my homework policy. In the past I would check homework completion levels every day from every student. They would have a grade out of 4; 4 fully done, 2 half done or late, 0 not done. But in Geometry R this year, I haven’t been […]

SBG: One Small Success

This is a quick post describing one small reason (of many) of why I like SBG. The setup for the gradebook is as follows: each student gets 2 shots (in class) to quiz on each topic, the grade is out of 4.  They get one chance right after the end of the unit, and one […]

Big Bad Wolf (a SBG tale)

I am the Big Bad Wolf. The students are some mix of the three little pigs.   They don’t know yet that I am the Big Bad Wolf, and they are building away at their houses.  However this story is a bit different because I’m going to tell them which set of houses that I’m […]