Python Challenge

  Python Challenge is a “programming riddle” on the internet. What is the Python Challenge? The Python Challenge is a set of riddles that require a little bit of Python programming to be solved. The solutions are entered by changing the address of the page (URL). You get used to the idea pretty fast after […]

Scavenger Hunt: Geometry Regents Review

Quick post: In NY our end of the year exam is the Regents exam (no comment). The schedule of the exams this year means that I won’t see my students for 13 days. Great. I made up a Geometry Regents Scavenger Hunt found here: The students solve one set of problems (all the problems […]

(Virtual) Scavenger Hunt – Triangles (and review)

Here is another scavenger hunt that I made up for geometry.  The scavenger hunt is a set of problems, where the only way to get to the next set of problems is to have the correct answer and hence the correct web address.  It has isosceles, equilateral, triangle congruence, and logic questions on it.  It’s […]

(Virtual) Scavenger Hunt – Pairs of Angles

I put together this quick six question activity that combines pairs of angles (complementary, supplementary, linear pairs, and vertical angles) and some basic algebra.  The idea is that the students need to answer the question, then to get to the next problem they need to go to a webpage with the answer in the url […]