SMART Response (Clickers)

These worked great.  They integrate with the SMART notebook software, so they require a bit of tweaking when entering an assessment.  SMART notebook, even with math tools, requires entering any equations again… even if they were imported from Word or a google Document.

<plea> Please, please will all this software get on board for equations.  Everyone go to LaTeX (or something else open) with a visual editor.  I want these equations to work in Word, Google Docs, SMART notebook, etc, and I do NOT want to have to type the following:

f(x) = sqrt{1+x} quad (x ge  -1)
f(x) = sqrt{1+x}, quad x ge -1
f(x) sim x^2 quad (xtoinfty)
f(x) sim x^2, quad xtoinfty

I will hurt someone if that is how we have to enter equations in 2010. </plea>

Anywho, after entering the class information in the Teacher Tools, the kids were all able to login and get started in under 3 minutes.  FIRST TIME FOR ALL OF US.  3 MINUTES!  Amazing.  Going through the questions afterward was nice too, a nice pie graph shows up and lets you know if you should skip or stay on that questions.  No longer will the army of quiet kids who get stuff wrong go forgotten!

Here’s an action photo:

Overall I liked the clickers and how the assessment turned out.  It was a quick review assessment, and it did well for me to see what needed to be covered and what didn’t.

p.s.  I’m pleased that 75% of the students got the most important question of the assessment correct.

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