Cartalk puzzler #2 logic – Rowena’s Picture

Here’s a great puzzler for logic.
Princess Rowena

Evil King Raymond and the White Knight

RAY: This puzzler comes from the days of knights and kings and fair maidens. Once upon a time, the fair maiden Rowena wished to wed. Her father, the evil King Raymond has devised a way to drive off suitors. He has a little quiz for them.

There are three boxes on the table. One is made of gold. One is made of silver. And the third is made of lead. Inside one of these boxes is a picture of the fair Rowena. It is the job of the White Knight, to figure out which one has her picture, without opening them, of course.

To assist him in this endeavor there are inscriptions on each of the boxes. The gold box says, “Rowena’s picture is in this box.” The silver box says, “The picture ain’t in this box.” The lead box says, “The picture ain’t in the gold box.”

The King gives the Knight a hint. The hint is, one of the statements, and only one, is true. Where’s the picture?

Hint: draw a picture. It might help.

Answer for wimps.

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