SBG: One Small Success

This is a quick post describing one small reason (of many) of why I like SBG.

The setup for the gradebook is as follows: each student gets 2 shots (in class) to quiz on each topic, the grade is out of 4.  They get one chance right after the end of the unit, and one a week later. If they improve from try 1 to try 2, then their most recent score is doubled (so the final grade is out of 8); otherwise add the two grades together. So here is a screenshot of my gradebook.  The last row is the class averages.  The “1” is the first attempt, “2” is the second, and “3” is any assessments taken afterschool.

What I like:

Notice how on nearly every topic, the grade goes up from assessment 1 to assessment 2. In some cases it goes up significantly (concepts 16 and 17). Sometimes there is a concept where the grade goes down (concept 13) because it was tough, but the students stay after review and then reassess successfully: 2.8 -> 2.4 -> 3.4.


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