Link: SBG… Why?

Great post from Terie Engelbrecht:

1) I do it so students can focus on learning, not points or effort.
2) I do it for students who take longer to make their own meaning; those same students that often get plowed under in the points-chasing game school often is.
3) I do it for students who may be considered “slackers,” but who still deserve a fair shot at showing me evidence of understanding. (And often times, those are the students that do understand it, without having to do a lot of “busy work” outside of class.)
4) I do it so students can reach true understanding, because I believe every student has the ability to do this.
5) I do it so students considered “high-achieving” can refocus on the true purpose of school.
6) I do it so students can stop categorizing and judging each other according to the letters A, B, C, D, and F.

I do it for students.

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