Tech Trick: Quickly posting homework answers online

Here is a quick tech trick for quickly posting your homework key (or any document that doesn’t need to be editable). Because of my new homework policy, I’ve been posting my homework key on the classroom website on the day that I give the assignment out. This allows the students to check their answers (and work) at home.

I’m a big believer that if it isn’t easy and quick, it won’t happen regularly, so I had to find a way to streamline this process. Here it is:

  1. Complete the key with paper and pencil. I could technically do the key on the computer, but anything that requires even a little bit algebra is a nightmare to do with software. So the best hardware in this case is a pentel quicker clicker (0.5 mm for those asking, only a troglobite would use a 0.7 pencil).
  2. Take a picture of the key with Genius Scan+ on my iPhone. This software allows you to crop, convert to black and white (looks nice), and upload to dropbox.
  3. Upload image from iPhone to dropbox’s public folder.
  4. Go on computer to, copy public link for the picture.
  5. Paste link to public image on classroom website.

It seems like a somewhat complicated procedure, but steps 2-5 take about 2 minutes and this has been efficient enough to ensure that I’ve probably posted 90% of the homework keys buy cialis in China online. For me, that’s pretty good. If it’s not an easy enough process, then I won’t do it consistently.

Some kids have said that they do look online for the homework key and on the end of the year survey I’ll find out how many have used the classroom webpage to find the homework key.

Do any of you have any ideas on how to further streamline the process?

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