Math Notebook Questions

End of the year reflection time.


In my 7 years of teaching, I’ve never required my students to have a math notebook. The sum total of my speaking on the subject is probably a couple of minutes at the beginning of year, “You need a math notebook or binder to write notes in and keep handouts for class.” Then throughout the year some minor reminders to take out your notebook and we can write some stuff down. With the SBG hoopla this year, I gave out manila folders for the students to keep their old concept quizzes and their grade sheet in. That’s about it.

I’ve never:

Have I made an error? Is it worth my valuable time and effort to get the students to construct and maintain a math notebook? Now that I have a 1:1 student:computer ratio should I move in the electronic notes direction? What advice do you have for me? No judgement on my behalf; I’m just wondering if I should change the way I do things.

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