8 thoughts on “25 Billion (From Dan Meyer) #anyqs

  1. It isn’t days or weeks but here’s ten minutes of video.

    I don’t know much about Javascript, but is the rate coming down in this line:

    new Ajax.Request(b+this._url,{method:”get”,onSuccess:this.dataRequestDidFinishLoading.bind(this)})

    Then an array t stores the information that’s used here:


    How do I know what’s in t[2], though?

    1. Yea, not sure where the variable t is coming from.

      It could also be related to this link from the html source file for the webpage:
      Which results in this: 24-Feb-2012 15:00:00|24649190430|2087006
      The second to last number is the current count, and the last number might be the amount of apps being sold per hour (at that time check). The timer must adjust periodically during the day.

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