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Timon Piccini has been kicking ass at this math blogging thing for a while now. Here’s part of his take on Dan Meyer’s 101qs site:

Over at Dan’s site people have been discussing these last set of questions and we find, naturally, Dan promoting his brand of โ€œMake the prompt scream the question you are looking forโ€ and Karim Ani saying, โ€œThere are more interesting questions that go beyond a one minute clip or picture.โ€

I think many of us, including Dan and Karim, find ourselves right in the middle of these two conflicting axioms. On one hand we desire that students seek for themselves. We desire that they personally invest in interesting questions that provoke grand thoughts about life the universe and everything. Yet we also recognize that they are young whippersnappers who have little experience beyond their hometown, school, and even neighbourhood; they may not have the capacity to think beyond the world of their home. We then as teacher must make the hard decision of how to lead them to these wonderings.

From Timon Piccini’s take on 101qs.com.

Read his other posts too. Or else.

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