Message and medium

I really enjoyed Vi Hart’s newest video, but I heard conflicting messages. Vi compliments Sal Khan’s videos because the are done on the fly and you can see his thinking process, but then she scoffs videos that are all about the process of math (memorizing equations and processes).
I would argue that 99% of Khan Academy math videos are focused exactly on the process of math ignoring interest, motivation, and excitement; and hence are as dry and boring as a lecture can be.

Vi is angered by people trying to use her work to promote their pet projects, but isn’t that exactly what Khan Academy is using her for?

I have seen some influence of Vi in Khan’s videos, but only the slightest bit. I’m happy that she is now able to make a living producing such great work, but I hope her reach will extend farther into the KA world. If Khan Academy is really as big as it seems it will be, it needs as much help as Vi and projects like #mtt2k can give it.

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