First Day Activity: Puzzlers

On the first day of class in AP Calculus and Pre-Calculus Honors I’ll give out the following list of puzzlers that they’ll have a limited amount of time to work on. The students will be working in groups on the new $2 interactive whiteboards.

Google Doc link. PDF link.

Btw, I still haven’t figured out the pentagram puzzler. Maybe they’ll beat me to it!

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8 Responses to First Day Activity: Puzzlers

  1. mpershan says:

    Is this the sort of thing that you give them day in and day out?

    • Dan says:

      Not every day, but quite often. I give them Car Talk puzzlers when there are good ones, and if I come upon other puzzlers then I like to throw them out too. It depends on the class. Some classes love them, some not so much.

  2. ecvulic says:

    Nice! Really liked these for the older students. The pentagram isn’t as hard as you think; it’s a question of how you count…Cheers!

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  4. Jill says:

    Answer key?

    • Dan says:

      Good question. When I get some time, I’ll put it up on this post!

    • Dan says:

      Mere answers:
      1. 54 miles
      2. 0
      3. 232,792,560
      4. 59, 89
      5. Figure it out 😉
      6. Pick from A&O box. if O, then label A box with O&A and O box with A. Similarly if you get an A.
      7. The bounding shapes *look* like triangles but are not. The “hypotenuses” aren’t lines, so the hidden area is in there.
      8. No letter “e”.

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