Monday Morning Math

Awesome cat photo from misadventures in HR.

If a cat could fill out a bubble sheet, and left parts II, III, and IV blank (assumption: cats can’t write in english) then the following is based on the 2013 June Regents scoring scale:

1 in 36,000 cats would pass the Integrated Algebra Regents (15 out of 30 multiple choice to score 30 out of 87 possible points. You’ve read that correctly,ย 34% correct is passing)
1 in 309,000,000 cats would pass the Geometry Regents (20 out of 28 multiple choice)
1 in 1,200,000,000,000 cats would pass the Algebra II Trigonometry Regents (23 out of 27 multiple choice)

P.S. Stat people, please double check my math. I am not strong in statistics, probably due my dislike of the subject. I used Stat Trek (get it?) to compute the binomial probabilities.

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