What to do post AP/IB exam?

With the IB exams coming up soon, I’ve started to put more thought into what we should do after the exams (we’ll have 8 blocks or so). For the past three years we did free-form math projects and last year they even wrote up great blog posts about their projects. But due to less time left (we used to have about 12 classes) and the fact that this class just finished a ~10 page math exploration for the IB exam, I don’t think it’d be as successful. So I’ve had thoughts about having them explore some sort of math-coding thing, very few have taken a programming class in HS due to over scheduling, but are interested in it, and those who have would certainly not be bored. Or we could work on one low floor, high ceiling problem per day for the rest of the year (something like the three triangles problem). Or mix both these and do a bit of both.
I’ll certainly poll the students and see where their interests lie, but I’d like to see what you think. What do you do after the AP/IB exams? What do you think of the programming and/or problem solving sessions?
Thank you for your input.

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