If you had a friend taking this class next year, what advice would you give them?

I asked the above question, If you had a friend taking this class next year, what advice would you give them?, to the outgoing PreCalculus H group last year. I’m giving the incoming PreCalculus H their responses. Here’s a link to all the responses, and here are some of the absolute jewels. (No editing was done on this document, exactly how the students responded, mistakes and all.)

  • Use your classmates for help and work together
  • Good luck….even though homework’s aren’t graded make sure to actually DO them fully because if you don’t you’ll fall so behind….and retake as much as you can
  • To study A LOT and with a group of people so that if you have any questions you guys can talk about it together.
  • Also, you need to practice and study on your own if you do not understand something because it will catch up to you. You will not do well on the B quizzes if you don’t fully understand the material. If studying on your own doesn’t work, get extra help from a teacher.
  • There’s a lot of material you will cover in this course, and you want to be able to look back on it at the end of the quarter / year. This course will never be easy, but it is manageable. Reassess every opportunity you get, even if it’s just a 4.5. If your scared you’ll lower your grade if you get a 4.5, you probably don’t know the material as well as your grade shows that you do, and you’ll suffer at the end of the quarter because of it.
  • Take take homes seriously and do them with your friends, though never just copy what they have down. Though the skills on a take home are much more complex that what you need to do in class, they are skills you need to buy prednisone online Australia relatively comfortable with, and they actually do help a lot. If you don’t understand anything that you wrote down, stay after with Danderson and review the concepts. He can’t help you with the take home, but he can help you with the skills to do it (skills that you will need come midterm / final).
  • Don’t be afraid to rely on people. You aren’t going to be able to get through this class alone even if you are like a math whiz.


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