Learn to Code through Math #learntocodethroughmath

The #learntocodethroughmath project is something that I created sort of by accident. I see the audience for this project as someone who is somewhat comfortable with using Desmos to create math-artsy stuff with lists, functions, and parametric functions and is interested in learning how to code using Processing. So yea, pretty narrow. But hopefully fruitful and inspiring!

Here’s the original tweet that started things off:

Click on that tweet to see the three tweets in that thread. I’ll add more to that thread as time goes on.

Here is another set of tweets that ignited the project.

(To avoid twitter dying and killing my content, I’ll post the images from those tweets here too)

Tweet 1:

Tweet 2:

Tweet 3:

Tweet 4:

Tweet 5:

Tweet 6:

Tweet 7:

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