The Love Tree – A Math Puzzler (?)

From Car Talk. A teenage boy smitten with a teenage girl in his high school freshman class, made his feelings known. Overjoyed at finding them reciprocated, he took pen knife to a young hard wood in the vicinity and carved their initials within a heart, five feet up the tree’s trunk. By their senior year, […]

Puzzler : 20,000 Lights

From Car Talk. RAY: This puzzler is from my “ceiling light” series. Imagine, if you will, that you have a long, long corridor that stretches out as far as the eye can see. In that corridor, attached to the ceiling are lights that are operated with a pull cord. There are gazillions of them, as far […]

Car Talk Puzzler (The Colored Caps)

The newest car talk puzzler. Draw a diagram, it may help. Three men, Mr. White, Mr. Brown and Mr. Green, were in the habit of meeting in a local doughnut shop every morning for coffee and doughnuts. One morning as they were sitting at their usual table, Mr. White remarked, “Hey, will you look at […]

Car Talk Puzzler (Palindrome Mileage)

New Math Puzzler up this week: Tommy’s Drive to Work RAY: Tommy has a new car, it’s 19 years old. … It has one of those newfangled six-digit odometers. It can register as many as 999,999 miles.  So one fine morning last week, Tommy gets into his new car to drive to work. He fires up his […]

Car Talk Puzzler: Math + English =

Car Talk has a new math puzzler up that mixes math and science: There Was an Old Man…RAY: I’m going to recite an equation and, from that, you are going to give me a limerick that consists of five lines. TOM: Does this limerick include Nantucket or the band at the Waldorf Astoria? RAY: No! Here it is. […]

Car Talk Puzzler: In Search for Bogus Coins

In Search of the Bogus Coins RAY: We have seven stacks of coins, each with 100 coins. Real coins weigh ten grams, and phony coins weigh 11 grams. We’re going to weigh the coins on an analytic scale, which works just like your average bathroom scale – but it’s accurate to within a tenth of a […]

Leaking Gasoline Puzzler

The Last Gasp of the Fiat “A car travels at a steady speed of 45 mph. Its fuel consumption is 30 miles to the gallon. It has a 15-gallon gas tank, which was full when the car started off. But at the very moment the car begins to move at 45 mph, the gas tank begins to leak […]