Four and Five – Cartalk Puzzler

From cartalk. Ray: Get a piece of paper and write the number four, leave a little space, and write the number five. What common mathematical symbol, when placed between the numbers four and five, will result in a number that is greater than four but less than six? Tom: It has to be a mathematical […]

Cartalk Puzzler – Stone Temple Farmers

From Cartalk. Stone Temple Farmers RAY: A farmer had a 40-pound stone that he could use to weight 40 pounds of feed, hay, or whatever else he wanted to sell from his farm. He had a balance scale, and he put the stone on one side and piled the other side with feed or hay, […]

Cartalk Puzzler – Dividing Time

From Cartalk. Dividing Time RAY: Draw a clock face on a piece of paper. Using Arabic numerals put the appropriate numbers at 12, 1, 2, 3 and so on. Now, somewhere on the clock face, draft two lines. In doing so, you’re going to divide the clock face into segments, which contain numbers. TOM: Do […]

Cartalk Puzzler: An Interesting Series of Numbers

A new cartalk puzzler is up. When my kids were in school, they, like all the other kids I guess, had to learn their numbers. So each day for homework, they would bring home a list of numbers on a piece of paper, and they were asked to write out the letters that spelled that […]

Cartalk Puzzler: License Plate

Great puzzler from cartalk: Deep Tanning RAY: You’re driving past a high school parking lot on a fine spring afternoon in Our Fair City, watching the kids try to do wheelies with their parents’ station wagons. You happen to notice a car with an interesting license plate. It reads TAN 270. What make of car […]