Geometry SBG Concept list

To copy Ms. Nowizee from last year, I want to share my Geometry Concept List. This was the first year of Standards Based Grading in Geometry, and before seeing the end of the year results, I’d give it a B (more to follow). The hard part was designing the list so that each concept was not […]

Scavenger Hunt: Geometry Regents Review

Quick post: In NY our end of the year exam is the Regents exam (no comment). The schedule of the exams this year means that I won’t see my students for 13 days. Great. I made up a Geometry Regents Scavenger Hunt found here: The students solve one set of problems (all the problems […]


From the brilliant(?) minds at, I present to you, the IcoSoKu: Just thousands, that’s it? In my list of mathematical strengths probability does not appear, but there are: 12 unique numbers (vertices of an icosahedron), so 12! = 479,001,600 ways to arrange them. But because of the symmetry involved in a icosahedron, there are 12 ways to […]

Robert Larson 800-2875 Center Finder

Neat: (from Make: Online) If you’ve ever struggled to locate the center of a circular plate or a piece of round stock using a ruler or a square, you know it can be a tricky proposition. But this cleverly-designed gauge from Robert Larson Woodworking Tools makes short work of the job, and does it more accurately, to […]

Math Pic: Radiator Design

These awesome heating radiators were in the flat (apartment) that we stayed in. I want to make one more. How much pipe do I need to bring to the bending machine?