Robert Larson 800-2875 Center Finder

Neat: (from Make: Online) If you’ve ever struggled to locate the center of a circular plate or a piece of round stock using a ruler or a square, you know it can be a tricky proposition. But this cleverly-designed gauge from Robert Larson Woodworking Tools makes short work of the job, and does it more accurately, to […]

Math Pic: Radiator Design

These awesome heating radiators were in the flat (apartment) that we stayed in. I want to make one more. How much pipe do I need to bring to the bending machine?

Giant Gummy Bear #WCYDWT ?

What questions come to mind? Maybe it’s because it’s the day before spring break, but I’m having trouble coming up with good stuff. Is this worthy of the #wcydwt tag? Features & specs: Dimensions: 9.5″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″ Equivalent to 1400 regular-size gummy bears Weighs approximately 5 pounds 12,600 calories! From: The best question […]

Math Photos: Giant’s Causeway

Also found in Northern Ireland is the Giant’s Causeway, an amazing place to find basalt columns (whatever they are 😉 ) “Unreal” formation, students always say it looks fake. I’ve used these photos in the polygons angles unit for geometry, but I’m sure there are other uses.

Math Photo: Northern Irish Arch

I got the idea for this “Math Photo” series from Mr. Honner. I’ll post images of mathematical stuff from my archives from time to time. Why not? Here is an arch that I found near Cushendall, Northern Ireland, on my honeymoon. Is it parabolic? Or some other kind of arch?  

Möbius Transformations

From Boing boing and linked article: Abstraction lies at the heart of mathematics. It makes math powerful, but at the same time, it can make math hard to understand. Abstraction makes math simultaneously beautiful and austere, useful and esoteric. But a picture can tame the mad monster of abstraction, and sometimes, a video can do […]

Khan Academy and SBG

@CmonMattTHINK put forth a comment on twitter a couple of mornings ago: Salman Khan TED-talks about classroom inversion: Very exciting, yes. But I must be the cranky old man and say.. SO much of this (and SBG) is about skill-mastery. If we let our students believe that math = skill-mastery, we’re doing them a […]

Toilet Paper Tubes and the Empire State Building #wcydwt

So I’m watching the idiot tube the other day and I saw a commercial by Scott Paper Company that claimed that if everyone in America used their tubeless toilet paper product, then we would save two Empire State buildings of toilet paper rolls every year. Two Empire State buildings of toilet paper tubes? Ok, here […]