From Webmaths: Pretty cool website, a bit like Project Euler, but with more approachable difficulty level: Sample Problem: The leveling up system they have could be an excellent way to get students addicted to solving some novel math problems.  There are ways (I haven’t explored them) to set up an entire class of kids […]

Cartalk puzzler #2 logic – Rowena’s Picture

Here’s a great puzzler for logic. Princess Rowena Evil King Raymond and the White Knight RAY: This puzzler comes from the days of knights and kings and fair maidens. Once upon a time, the fair maiden Rowena wished to wed. Her father, the evil King Raymond has devised a way to drive off suitors. He […]

Car Talk Puzzler (Dance Party)

I don’t know if you listen to Car Talk, but maybe you should give it a try.  Its a weekly radio show on NPR and podcasts are available.  Essentially it is a call-in show for car questions and the hosts, Tom and Ray (aka Click and Clack), are very funny and their answers are pretty […]