No Homework Grade! No Way!

In concert with the Standards Based Grading, I’ve also changed my homework policy. In the past I would check homework completion levels every day from every student. They would have a grade out of 4; 4 fully done, 2 half done or late, 0 not done. But in Geometry R this year, I haven’t been […]

SBG: One Small Success

This is a quick post describing one small reason (of many) of why I like SBG. The setup for the gradebook is as follows: each student gets 2 shots (in class) to quiz on each topic, the grade is out of 4.  They get one chance right after the end of the unit, and one […]

Big Bad Wolf (a SBG tale)

I am the Big Bad Wolf. The students are some mix of the three little pigs.   They don’t know yet that I am the Big Bad Wolf, and they are building away at their houses.  However this story is a bit different because I’m going to tell them which set of houses that I’m […]

My New Classroom

So I’ve talked about it before, but I was selected to be a guinea pig for a new 21st century classroom.  I’ll be teaching two classes in this classroom: Geometry Regents, and Applied Math (second half of year is called Consumer Math).  The Applied/Consumer math will consist of mostly PBL (project based learning), while Geometry will have […]

SBG – Question #1

In mentally preparing for this upcoming year, my brain (clearly a separate entity from myself, ala pilkington) keeps returning to a couple of sticking points regarding a transition to Standards Based Grading. Grades Go Down? Two issues: should they be able to go down? and how do you put that into practice without riot gear […]

Standards Based Grading

Why change? The answer to this question for me stems from the idea that I don’t really care when the learning happens, only if the learning happens. Part of me also sees how sbg could encourage some bit of student responsibility in their learning. They would know that if they didn’t get the stuff for […]

First Post (#WCIDWT)

What can I do with this?  This is the question that I seek to answer with this blog.  How can I improve?  How can I change for the good?  What changes will effect the students the most? I am a High School math teacher in upstate NY.  I currently teach Geometry (Regents), Algebra (Regents), Computer […]