Knockoff Project: The Aftermath

The first project that we did in Applied math was called the Knockoff Project.  This was a brand new project meant to utilize the 21st century classroom and the Project Based Learning initiative that this class is now based on.  The drive behind the project was to design a “knockoff” phone that improved on the […]

My New Classroom

So I’ve talked about it before, but I was selected to be a guinea pig for a new 21st century classroom.  I’ll be teaching two classes in this classroom: Geometry Regents, and Applied Math (second half of year is called Consumer Math).  The Applied/Consumer math will consist of mostly PBL (project based learning), while Geometry will have […]

First 21st Century Project

So this year I’ve been given the privilege of trying out my teaching skillz in a new 21st century classroom in our building.  I’m still unsure about how deep of “trouble” I am with this classroom.  The classroom is being upgraded with smartboards (a normal and a small), 25 or so budget laptops, ideaPaint (whiteboard paint) on some […]