Deadly Nightshade

Our baby is teething and while I was at the pharmacy, I saw a homeopathic remedy for teething babies with the following ingredients: Belladonna, aka Deadly Nightshade, has what percentage of alkaloids? 0.0000000000003% or 3 x 10^-13% Or if we take 1g of “medicine” then there are 3 femtograms, or 3 x 10^-15 grams of […]

iPads save Jetfuel

From paritynews: American Airlines has announced that it has received the permission from FAA to allow its pilots to carry and use iPads in the cockpit during “all phases of flight.” According to the airlines, the tablet will enable pilots to store documentation in electronic form on the iPad which otherwise weighs 15.875 kg (35 […]

Pole to Pole Run

Pat Farmer, an endurance runner, set out to run from the North Pole to the South Pole to raise money for the Red Cross. Utterly awesome. So if he sets off on April 2nd, 2011 and he runs 16 miles a day on the snow, and 50 miles a day on roads and trails, then […]

Paper #wcydwt

Neat video: Note: All photos were printed on recycled paper.  Wasn’t that nice of them.  So how many photos? Answer found here.

Domino Spiral

Found by Timon Piccini: Any questions? Well of course there are. He sets up the 3-act #wcydwt structure here. Check it out. Great stuff.

Drag Race #wcydwt

Act 1 What questions do you have? Act 2 Talk about why the highest horsepower might not be that fast (10,000 horsepower vehicle that you could beat with a Toyota Prius). Ask what other things are important for going fast. Is the lightest vehicle always the fastest (Would you want this 326 pound vehicle […]

Altitude Sickness

Act 1 View from Pikes Peak: On a trip out west with my wife, we took a trip up to the top of Pikes Peak by Colorado Springs. I’m calling this post Altitude Sickness because despite having this post in mind when we went up, I didn’t take the one picture that I wanted to […]