Pumpkin – WCYDWT

This is a What Can You Do With This from around Halloween.  The new at blogging thing has afforded me a chance to put some old material up. I live in a half fancy – half normal city, Saratoga Springs NY.  The fancy side of the town gives me opportunities to see some things that […]

Quibids.com Auction Ripoff

My dad sent me a link to quibids.com, an online auction site that allows you to buy items by bidding on them. Sounds familiar? The twist is that this site is a type of penny auction site where each bid costs money. A second catch is the auction has no set time limit. It has […]

Aarons (Rent to Buy)

I have the luxury of teaching a course called Consumer Math. This is a half-year course aimed at providing seniors with a 3rd or 4th math credit and I have free reign over content and pacing.  This freedom is great because I can follow any interesting topic that comes up and I’m pretty sure that […]