Oreo Verification

So things have gone a bit crazy lately. While on summer vacation, this happened:

All for a blog post that I wrote in February.
(My previous high for views in one day was 299.)

In the original post where my class suggests that the Double Stuf Oreo is only 1.86x stuffed, the data set is small. There were several groups all working on their own measurements so they didn’t have many cookies to work with.

After all the attention (I feel really weird about it), the math part of my brain had to verify the findings. And after all, I’d hate to be wrong on the internet.

More Data

36 Regular Oreos (1 package)

30 Double Stuf Oreos (1 package)

Split Oreos (bad splits are on the right, not measured)

23 Oreo wafers

Thrill Packed Conclusion

Do the calculations yourself! Or I suppose you can it read here.


For me, this was never about proving Nabisco right or wrong. I don’t care about the “stuf”ing of the Oreos as long as they are delicious (which they are, Double Stuf is my favorite). This was about having the students do some great mathematical exploration on their own. Before doing this in class, I had no idea what the result would be. As a couple of the groups proved, you can show that they are double “stuf”ed by measuring the heights of the cookies.

Media Coverage of this “Double Stuf Scandal”

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