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  1. Dan Meyer says:

    Question that’s bugged me since forever: How do you mathematically model the time it takes the ball to stop bouncing?

    The exponential decay model approaches zero but never actually reaches it.

    Teach me something here.

    • Dan says:

      A physicist might say that it never stops bouncing, since it is never truly touching the floor. Would a (pre-calculus) mathematician say that it never stops bouncing like Achilles never beats the tortoise? Anywho, back in the “real” world, I have $28 of superballs being shipped from Amazon. I’ll give it my best shot.

  2. kfouss says:

    I used bouncy balls and motion detectors in precalc to talk about the geometric sequence formed. The hardest part for the kids was getting a good bounce going, but it was a lot of fun for me!

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