Super Ball

From Wikipedia’s entry on Super Balls. Wham-O Executive Vice-president Richard P. Kerr said, “Each Super Ball bounce is 92% as high as the last. Will it ever stop bouncing? Geometric sequences and series anybody? edit: Amazon review of a superball: What’s the bounce return rate?

Fibonacci and Recursion

To introduce the fibonacci sequence using the recursive series to my Pre-Calc H class (although most of them know it), I came up with something on the fly that worked nicely. To set up the fibonacci sequence, I showed them a recursive program that calcuates the sequence in a very clear (but inefficient) way. This […]

Geogebra Dynamic Conics for PreCalc

For Precalc H, I created a series of dynamic Geogebra files, where the teacher or student uses sliders to control the center and the a (and b) values of the conic. The file calculates and graphs the appropriate conic, foci, directrices, etc. All the files can be downloaded here. Sample: Or you can go to […]